Lira Dental Clinic was opened in 2010 at Gagaryna Ave, city of Dnipro. In 2017 there was opened a Branch at Geroev Ave providing the complete range of services including Laser Dentistry and dental attendance in children of any age. Further number of Lira Dental Clinic’s branches is assumed.

Both at the main Clinic and at the Branch we provide the complete set of dental services covering tooth defects of any difficulty with using of all possible modern dental technologies. Specifically, we also specialize in Dental Implantology, Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry. We provide particular attention to the patients with gum diseases as well.

At our daily work we use the wide range of modern dental materials and medications, and special attention is provided to the local anaesthetics and its’ certification. As for Implantology, we cooperate with producing companies from USA, Germany, Ukraine, Israel, Switzerland and France. Our doctors are the constant participants of all famous conferences and events in dental world taking place in Ukraine, Europe, USA and Asian countries. We have the really unique personal experience in tooth treatment and restoration based upon the years-long practice, patients’ observation and top-down approach in organisation of a treatment process.

As for the dental attendance in children of any age our motto is the following: there is no an unmanageable child, there is a lack of patience. At our Clinics we pay particular attention to our little patients providing them with all possible care at the dental chair. 

We enjoy our profession  granting us with rising number of patients’ smiles and satisfaction. Visit our Dental Clinics and we’ll be happy to help you!

Why is it advisable to treat your teeth in Ukraine?

1 – The lowest price at the high professional level of doctors

Our Doctors provide the high level of dental services using the modern dental technologies certified in the most developed countries of the world, wherein the prices for our dental services are lower in 2, 3 or even 6 times than those in Europe.

2- Discover the rich traditions and history of Ukraine

It’s a great opportunity not to resolve your dental problems but to visit the biggest country in Europe with rich history, kind people, tasteful national cuisine and lots of cultural and natural signs that attract more than 35 million of foreign tourists annually.

How to start your treatment? First step is a consultation

Free of charge!

The Doctor of the highest category will have a look at your panoramic X-ray, take into consideration all your wishes, make the calculations and draw up the preliminary plan of treatment. You can send us your panoramic dental X-ray in advance. Just live your e-mail and phone, and our Specialist will contact you ASAP.

Start now! Contact us, describe all your desires regarding your treatment and our specialists will draw up the preliminary plan of treatment for you. You can send us your panoramic dental X-ray in advance.

Fees at Lira Dental Clinics

Dental caries treatment: from $55

Pulpitis treatment: from $160 to $205

Periodontitis treatment: from $180 to $225

Dental restoration: from $100/piece

Ceramic crown: from $100/piece

Press ceramic crown E MAX: from $200/piece

Zirconia crown: from $200/piece

Overdenture: from $250

Dental Implants: from 450$

Resection: $50-100

Tooth extraction: from $60 to $300

Bone plastic (sinus lift): $1000-$1400.00


How to Get to Us:

The easiest way to get to us is flights to Zaporizhya (OZH). There are lots of companies flying to and from Zaporizhya, e.g. Turkish airlines, Pegasus, Sky Up, UIA, LOT etc. For example, the average cost of round-trip ticket Istanbul-Zaporizhya-Istanbul is about $130.00

To all our Clients we provide individual complimentary free transfer from Zaporizhya airport to the city of Dnipro and return.

We can also provide the accommodation at out partner hotels:


Bartolomeo Resort Hotel

Price: from $78.00 per room per night (breakfast

Menorah Hotel

Price: from $60.00 per room per night (breakfast included)

Most-City Apart Hotel

Price: from $60.00 per room per night (breakfast

Lavina Hotel

Price: from $45.00 per room per night (breakfast

Just let us know which kind of accommodation is most suitable for you – and we can reserve the apropriate room for you. You can pay for this option even before your arrival if you wish, thus you’ll be confident in your time here.


Things to Do in Ukraine  

To all our Clients we propose some excursions and activities from our partners at a discounted price. All excursions are provided in English, Turkish, Chinese, German of French.


Highlight tour around Dnipro

Visiting of a LaZar Globe Park, Monastery Island, St.Troitsa Cathedral Church, Dioramf “Fight for Dnipro” and the Museum of Antiterroristic Operation.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: $40.00


Visiting of the Island of Khortytsa

Visiting of the legendary and biggest island on the river in the Europe – the Island of Khortytsa. You’ll see the historical place of Zaporizhya Sich – the living place of Zaporizhya cossacks, the place of Scythians , cossacks’ fights etc.

Duration: 10 hours

Price: $120.00


River cruise around Dnipro

You’ll see the wonderful views of the Dnipro River banks along with historical places. A really amazing cruise!

Duration: 5 hours

Price: $80.00


Old City of Zaporizhya

Acknowledging with the architecture of an old part of Zaporizhya relating to the life of famous Ukrainians.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: $55.00



Amazing excursion to the village famous for it’s Ukrainian paintings known all over the world. You’ll have the master-class and be proud of yourself!

Duration: 5 hours

Price: $85.00


We can also book a table at the restaurant serving Ukrainian cuisine (free of charge) so you’ll be completely satisfied about your visit to our country!